We've already discussed dodgy & untruthful sponsorships so today (thanks to your feedback) we delve deeper into this topic!

Hear us chat about brand bias, the pressure to stay on the good side of a brand (and PR list) and the potential controversies that could surround a sponsored post.

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Products we be lovin' -

Robert: Maybelline - Instant Age Rewind Effaceur

James: Jordan Samuel - Hydrate Facial Serum

Skincare experts to follow online -

@KENNAWHITNELL - Biochemist & Cosmetic Formulator 
@THEECOWELL - Science Communicator & Formulation Chemist
@LABMUFFINBEAUTYSCIENCE - Science Educator, Chemistry PhD 
@DR.GINZA - Cosmetic Scientist, Science Educator / Communications
@SKINCHEMY - Cosmetic Chemist
@SKINPERSPECTIVE - Cosmetic Formulator 
@SEANGARRETTE - Esthetician 
@CAROLINEHIRONS - Master Esthetician 
@ANDYMILLWARD_ - Facialist 
@ANJALIMAHTO - Dermatologist 
@DR.SOMASKIN - Dermatologist 
@DRSAMBUNTING - Dermatologist 
@SHEREENEIDRISS - Dermatologist 
@DERMANGELO - Dermatologist
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